Hi, I'm Theresa Anderson...


A British born artist, photographer and designer now living and working in Michigan, USA.


For me creating has always been like breathing, there hasn't been a time in my life where I haven't been creating something.  Throughout my career I worked for some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, in multiple disciplines, from fine art, to film, theater, opera, circus and everything in between.  I was fortunate enough to work on multiple continents in multiple cities and I loved every minute of it. 


5 years ago an accident at work resulted in an injury that limited my fine motor skills, essentially ending my career as I knew it.  It took a long time to move past it.  However I realised I just had to redefine what I saw as my path. I began experimenting with new ways to work, using paint, additives and various mediums to create work I found to be new and exciting. I left behind the exacting nature of my training to work my on self expression and the fluidity that came from within.  It has been the most rewarding adventure!   I now create from my love of color and order out of chaos.  Each painting comes from a combination of meticulous planning, research, colour theory and a little science thrown in for good measure.  No two paintings are alike and their uniqueness is my favorite thing about them.  It turns out  my current work is a culmination of years of exploring creative expression and trying to find just the right amount of magic.


I  live in beautiful Michigan with my husband, son and dog, in a one hundred and fifty year old falling down farmhouse on Bear Creek (hence the studio name BE(ar)(cr)EEK. ) I paint everyday in my studio at the bottom of the garden, its my happy place, a place I can still be an artist without limitations. It has a hole in the door, and one day I might get around to fixing it!


A short timelapse video of a section of the process, each piece can take upwards of three weeks to create.

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